Before And After School Program (For Ages 6 To 12)

Before and After school program is designed to empower children to make positive choices, develop self-esteem, and reach their full potential.

Transportation to and from school, homework help, specialty enrichment classes

Children face educational and social challenges during their early elementary school years; with our Enriched Curriculum program we help them to ease the challenges with a positive attitude, focused on building and improving their social and self-confidence skills.

We assure the right mix of structure and freedom to inspire them to explore our environments based on their interests and preferences. Teacher assistance will be provided to help them to complete their school daily assignments.

The balance between sports, artistic, hands-on activities and team building activities will support children to develop individual and social behaviors to be successful in life.

Complimentary transportation will be provided from – to the following schools:

  • Buffalo Rubbing Stone
  • Saint Jerome
  • Panorama Hills School
  • Captain Nichola Goddard School
  • Coventry Hills School
  • Ascension of our Lord School
  • Saint Claire School
  • Nose Creek School
  • Hidden Valley school