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Academic Daycare Toddler Program (12 To 18 Months)

In our toddler day care programs,  our caregivers follow the Montessori principles,  focusing on the social-emotional development of your child for smoother transitions to a school setting. We offer a balance between the academic environment and a play-based program. During their time at daycare, your child c will also explore their musical and artistic abilities, with qualified teachers  who help them  discover all the world around them.

The toddler classroom is equipped with Montessori material which will help to stimulate their physical, social, emotional and cognitive development in the early years. Children need time, space, materials and skilled early-childhood educators in order to develop their full potential. In our program, we make sure to encourage many forms of play: exploratory play, object play, construction, and physical play.

We will provide a special area for nap time as well.

Academic Daycare Program (19 Months to 6 Years Old)

Our older toddler day care program is based on the 4 pillars of teaching (Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio and Specialty Enrichment), the common factor amongst these pillars is the concept of emergent curriculum. Our program is designed to prepare the child with a strong academic foundation to ensure readiness for grade school. We offer multiple learning environments, specialty Enrichment Classes, and physical activity.

Academics: Our preschool program works based on repetition and practice until the child masters the skill. In academics our curriculum is based on math, language, geography and science. We will reinforce early literacy skills and provide strong foundations to success and help the child to have an easy transition to their future educational experience.

Specialty Enrichment classes: Physical Education, Music, Second Language, Sign Language, Visual Arts and Culinary School.

The 5 pillars of teaching at Zebra Crossing Academy are:

Daycare Calendar

Download a copy of our calendar to see our holidays, field trips and more.

Need a subsidy for childcare?

Have you qualified for subsidized childcare? You can use it with our daycare programs, if you qualified for the Alberta Child and Youth Services. Click here for more information OR CALL 1-877-644-9992.