Special One-Time Promotion

We at Zebra Crossing Academy understand the challenges faced by many families due to the pandemic and we would like to offer a one-time promotion to all current and new families.

We are offering 50% off tuition for August and 25% off tuition for September to all current and new families. The following conditions apply to this promotion

  • You must reserve your spot before July 31 in order to be eligible for the special offering with a start date of August 1. If you register by August 15 you are only eligible for 25% off tuition for September 2020 only.
  • Registration and resource fee must be paid in full.
  • Enrollment must continue beyond September 2020.
  • If enrollment begins in September, you will be eligible for 25% off in September only.
  • Promotion is not transferable to any other month of enrollment.
  • Promotion can apply to siblings, but the sibling discount will be reduced to 5% for the remainder of the year 2020.
  • Must provide 1 month notice for any changes and withdrawals.

This offer cannot be combined with any other discounts.

Please contact us by email at info@zebracrossingacademy.com or by phone at 403-457-0707 for further information.

To register, please click on https://zebracrossingacademy.com/registration

Zebra Crossing Academy

Zebra Crossing Academy is a diverse environment that provides an authentic program whereby each child is in an environment for learning independently in their natural surroundings and gains confidence from that. Early childhood years are vital to children and provide the basis for learning in the years to come. We will encourage each child to reach their full potential and challenge them along the way. We are committed to provide excellence in child care with an emphasis on education, that is strongly supported by the concept of emergent curriculum and specialty enrichment.

Safety, happiness and education are our top priorities. We make sure that we support all areas of development using different philosophies to work with both areas of the brain.

The 5 pillars of teaching at Zebra Crossing Academy are:

  • The Montessori school of learning (is a child-centered educational approach)
  • The Waldorf school of learning (is a play-based approach)
  • The Reggio school of learning ( is a project-based approach)
  • Specialty Enrichment Classes (cultural and artistic enrichment through Physical Education, Music, Second Language, Sign Language, Visual Arts and Culinary Arts)
  • Emergent Curriculum

Our Vision

  • To provide an environment that is caring, nurturing, and stimulating for each individual child.
  • To promote independence, maturity, confidence, and a love for learning within each child.
  • To build self-esteem is paramount, act independently and responsibly.
  • Using the Montessori, Reggio and Waldorf, emergent curriculum and specialty enrichment methods ensures that each child is learning at their own pace as each child is unique.
  • To encourage each child to reach their full potential by working individually and as a team and have the ability to make good decisions.
  • To strive for parents and teachers to work together in order to have each child succeed and ensure that each experience is a beneficial one.
  • To support each child in feeling that Zebra Crossing Academy is a place where they can achieve success and grow and not have fear to share and express their feelings.
  • To ensure that our school provides the foundation for lifelong learning and is a stepping stone which each child will carry with them in every aspect of their life.

Our Mission

Children are curious beings and when given the opportunity to explore, they will challenge themselves in order to achieve success. We will provide the child with a firm academic foundation to get them ready for the next phase in their life.

“Our care of the children should be governed not by the desire to ‘make them learn things’, but by the endeavor always to keep burning within them the light which is called intelligence.”

Maria Montessori

We provide excellence in childcare with an emphasis on education